New Research into Identifying Genes that Cause Sarcoma

New Research into Identifying Genes that Cause Sarcoma

A new study published in Science Magazine has generated a comprehensive map of how the inheritance of genes may impact families affected by sarcoma. This research will lead to improved early detection of the cancer and potentially improving survival for patients

Dr. Mandy Ballinger and Dr. David Thomas have led this ground-breaking, Australian-based study which The Australian and New Zealand Sarcoma Association has proudly been a long-time supporter of this work.

The working party on this research have identified distinct biological pathways where mutations increase the inherited risk for developing sarcoma through alterations of telomere biology and mitotic function. This research has involved sarcoma professionals from across the world and has included thousands of patients, their families, and controls to come to this conclusion. 

More work is needed before these findings can lead to therapeutic advances, but the study provides much needed biological insight into a sarcoma biology.

You can read the full article here.