2023 ANZSA Sarcoma Research Grant Recipient - Prof. Angela Hong

2023 ANZSA Sarcoma Research Grant Recipient - Prof. Angela Hong

Introducing the final ANZSA Sarcoma Research Grant Recipient for 2023, Professor Angela Hong.

Prof. Hong has received funding for her project: Radiotherapy Quality Assurance for the Prospective study evaluating the treatment outcomes for localised recurrent, resectable retroperitoneal liposarcoma (ReLaPSe)

Prof. Hong is a radiation oncologist and has been a member of the Multidisciplinary Bone and Soft Tissue Tumour Clinic at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital/Chris O’Brien Lifehouse for the past 15 years.

As a clinician scientist, her research focuses on developing innovative radiation therapy technique and combination treatments to improve the outcome for patients with sarcoma.

Retroperitoneal liposarcoma (cancer arising from fatty tissue inside the abdomen or pelvis) is a rare cancer associated with a poor outcome. Despite initial treatment with often very extensive surgery, this type of cancer is at high risk of returning inside the abdomen. For patients with relapse inside the abdomen, we do not have any high-level data on the benefit of adding radiotherapy or chemotherapy to the second major surgery. This international registry aims to enrol this group of patients to collect information to guide the best treatment approach. 

The quality of both surgery and radiotherapy are important factors that can affect the outcomes. The registry includes detailed surgery and radiotherapy protocols. A centralized panel of radiation oncologists will perform review of all the radiotherapy plan of enrolled patients.

Funding will be used to establish a software platform to allow expert radiation oncologists to review de-identified radiotherapy treatment plan and to provide feedback to the local treatment plan, as first step in a long term international clinical trial led by Prof. Hong and ANZSA.