2022 Annual Scientific Meeting Program

The program for our 2022 Annual Scientific Meeting is now live! This year, we are excited to host many robust discussions around the research and findings of sarcoma in Australia and New Zealand as well as worldwide. 

Download the full program here

2022 Annual Scientifc Meeting Program

Day 1 - Friday 4th of November (AEDT)

8:00am - Registration

8:30am - Welcome and Acknowledgement of Country 

8:35am - Opening Speaker Professor Dorothy Keefe

9am - Plenary Session 1 Access and Equity

Moderator: David Gyorki

9am - The Rare Disadvantage - Debunking the myth of equity and access. Richard Vines

9:30am - KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Pros and cons of regionalization of sarcoma care. Alessandro Gronchi (Italy)

9:45am - Centralization of path NZ. Pennie Symmans (NZ)

10am - DEBATE: Radiotherapy for STS should only be delivered at a specialist sarcoma centre. Angela Hong (NSW) vs Stephen Thompson (NSW)

10:25am - MORNING TEA

10:40am - Equitable outcomes - what can be done? What should be done? Daivd Currow (NSW)

11:10am - Epidemiology of cancer in Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children. Joanne Atkin (QLD)

11:30am - NZ Sarcoma Service Pathway Joanna Connor and Josh Kempthorne (NZ)

11:45am - Australia Teletrial Program: Expanding access to sarcoma trials to Regional and Rural communities. Sabe Saebsan (QLD)

11:55am - Indigenous Ewing Sarcoma Consumer. Venessa Harris (QLD)

12:05pm - Panel Discussion

12:35pm - LUNCH

1:15pm - ANZSA Annual General Meeting (ANZSA Members Only)

2:00pm - Plenary Session 2 Orthopaedics

Moderator: Richard Carey Smith 

2:00pm - KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Surgical management of complications of radiation. Peter Ferguson (Canada)

2:30pm - NZ Ewings national MDM. Andy Johnston (NZ)

2:40pm - NZ Update on practice pathways and centralization. Shaneel Deo (NZ)

2:50pm - Virtual National MDM. Richard Carey Smith 

3:00pm - Genomic investigation of Osteosarcoma. David Wood (WA/NZ)

3:15pm - DEBATE: To fix or not to fix, that is the question... Peter Ferguson vs Shaneel Deo


3:50pm - Plenary Session 3 Ultra Rare Sarcomas

Moderator: Peter Grimison

3:50pm - KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Professor Martin Tattersall Lecture: The many challenges of research and care of ultra rare sarcomas. Silvia Stacchiotti (Italy)

4:20pm - Maximising the value of ANZSA's National Sarcoma Database for ultra rare sarcoma studies. Susie Bae (VIC)

4:30pm - Impact of molecular profiling in changing cancer trajectory, using the patient with leiomyosarcoma as case study. Hollie Barker (VIC)

4:45pm - Germline pathogenic variants in sarcoma – new genes and old genes. Kathy Tucker (NSW)

5pm - END OF DAY 

Day 2 - Saturday 5th of November (AEDT)

8:30am - Plenary Session 4 Data and its possibilities for improved sarcoma care

Moderator: Wayne Nicholls

8:30am - Big Data and Childhood Cancer Survivorship: Perspectives and Platforms. Jason Pole (QLD)

8:45am - The HeSANDA initiative - Enabling clinical trials data discovery and access. Kristan Kang (VIC)

8:55am - Optimising rare tumour samples in the age of molecular oncology (& managing increasing demands on the ever shrinking biopsy). Nicole Graf (NSW)

9:10am - KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Sarculator and STREXIT: thinking outside the box to improve sarcoma care. Alessandro Gronchi (Italy)

9:40am - MORNING TEA

9:55am Plenary Session 5 Translational Science

Moderator: Christine Hawkins

9:55am - The Mechanobiology of Microtubules: How Tumour Cells Survive Confined Microenvironments. Samantha Stehbens (QLD)

10:15am - Enhancing Natural Killer cell targeting of paediatric sarcoma. Fernando Gumierez (QLD)

10:30am - Targeting oncogenic drivers in therapy resistant osteosarcoma. Vijesh Vaghjiani (VIC)

10:45am - Leveraging the ZERO personalised medicine program for molecular monitoring in paediatric sarcoma and solid tumours. Toby Trahair (NSW)

11am - Selected Abstracts. Alex Noh and Kate Hetherington

11:30am Plenary Session 6 Case Studies

Moderators: Richard Carey Smith and Peter Steadman

11:30am - KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Silvia Stacchiotti (Italy)

11:50am - KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Alessandro Gronchi (Italy)

12pm - KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Peter Ferguson (Canada)

12:10pm -Richard Carey-Smith and Peter Steadman (NZ)

12:20pm - Jess Ryan (NSW)

12:30pm - LUNCH

1:15pm Plenary Session 7 Allied Health and the Sarcoma patient - A glimpse into the roles

Moderator: Tanya Haynes

  • Connecting the dots - Nursing Coordination of Care for sarcoma patients. Tanya Haynes (NSW)
  • Navigating Care and Support - The role of Social Work. Renee Bennett (NSW)
  • Physiotherapy Management post GMRS surgery for the sarcoma patient. Ann Magrath (NSW)
  • Best foot forward - Post Amputation Care. John Sheehy (NSW) and Charles Wheeler (NSW)

2pm Plenary Session 8 Best of the Best Posters

Moderator: David Gyorki

2pm - Top 5 poster presentations